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Cogeneration is a combined process of simultaneous production of heat and electric power in a device called a cogeneration plant (power plant).

Cogeneration power plant is a system providing highly efficient use of primary energy sources, gas, for obtaining two forms of power - thermal and electric. In other words, a cogeneration plant allows the use of the heat, which is usually simply wasted. Therefore the need for purchased power becomes significantly reduced. Applying cogeneration the consumer gets thermal power of 1MW to 2 MW in the form of steam and hot water for industrial purposes, heating and water supply for 1 MW of electric power.

PiterEnergoMash offers the designs of heat-power-supply based on diesel, gas-reciprocating and gas-turbine power plants with cogeneration systems.

The cogeneration plant consists of a gas engine, generator, heat extraction system and control system. Heat is extracted from the exhaust, oil cooler and the engine coolant. In this case an average of 100 kW of electric power consumer obtains 150 kW of thermal power in the form of hot water for heating and hot water supply. The cogeneration plant is an viable alternative to heating networks, due to an option of flexible changing of coolant parameters depending on customer requirements at any season. Applying of the cogeneration effect significantly increases the general fuel-utilization factor. Applying of cogeneration greatly reduces the fuel purchase costs.

The principal amount of thermal power in gas turbine plants is extracted from the exhaust system. Thermal power in the gas reciprocating power plants is extracted from the oil cooler, as well as from the engine and cooling system. The extraction of thermal power in the gas turbine plants is technically easier to provide, as the exhaust gases have a higher temperature. Excessive heat can be directed to a steam turbine, for maximum electricity generation or to absorption refrigerating machines for producing cold, with the following applying in air conditioning systems. The similar technology, trigeneration, is also mastered by experts of PiterEnergoMash and offered for use.


The integrated power park with a trigeneration system is one of the most advanced and cost-effective technical solutions offered by our company.
Trigeneration is the simultaneous producing of three power forms: electricity, heat (hot water) and cold (cold water).

holod mash enCombined production of electric power, heat and cold allows to reduce both the expenditures for energy sources (in 2 or more times), as well as the amount of electric power consumption required for ventilation and air-conditioning. It can be achieved by complete or partial replacing of the cooling system compressors with the absorption refrigerating machine, which practically does not consume electricity. The experience of designs implementation PiterEnergoMash has shows that the pay-off period for a power park with a trigeneration system with provided proper technical solution is just 2 or 3 years. After this period the solution starts to bring its owner additional income. The system, which consists of a cogeneration plant and absorption refrigerator, allows to increase operational performance and provide high efficiency for the entire calendar year.

Water cooling in trigeneration plant is caused by the process of hot water absorption. Furthermore, connecting compressor-driven refrigeration units to trigeneration plant can provide not just cooled water, but also the subzero temperature. An advantage of the trigeneration plant compared to the cogeneration plant is obvious, since the trigeneration plant provides effective distributing of the excess heat, produced by a gas-reciprocating system. Applying the trigeneration process is more efficient in the summer, as the excess heat produced by a gas-reciprocating system can be directed to cool water. The cooled water can be used for technological needs or in an air-conditioning system of a building. In the winter time, when there is no special need in cold water, absorption plant can be switched off. In this case, the entire amount of heat, generated by a gas-reciprocating system, is used in the heating system.
The power park is an independent, fully-automated engineering construction with off-line operation, consisting of a gas- engine based power plant with an electric power generator attached.