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Production and supply of power engineering equipment

Production and supply of power engineering equipment

PiterEnergoMash supplies a wide range of equipment for electric power industry to all regions of Russia. We supply diesel generator, gas-reciprocating and gas turbine power plants and diesel-rotary uninterruptible power systems packaged in company's own-produced containers. All items of equipment undergo mandatory testing and an examination for compliance with the design parameters. Company's well-equipped production base and established long-term contacts with outsourced manufacturers allow us to provide a complete set of sophisticated power engineering equipment in the shortest possible time.

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Packaging of the most sophisticated power engineering equipment in containers allows virtually eliminate a complexity of construction by supplying fully prefabricated equipment. Excluding capital construction and a complex process of mounting from construction stages required for power engineering facilities allows to minimize the construction and mounting cost, as well as the unification of modules of power engineering complexes significantly reduces problems with operating and maintenance of power engineering equipment.

f10 2 he weight and dimensions of containers with equipment meet the requirements for transport dimensions valid in the Russian Federation, which allows to deliver them in the shortest possible time to any part of the country without getting additional approvals and permits. 
The structure of the container eliminates additional installation of exhaust systems and provides an option of modular replacement of the mounting units without rolling them out of the container. Transportation is conducted by road, sea and air transport.

The company pays special attention to an issue of equipment transportation. Delivery methods and allowable load values are determined at the design stage. Supplied units can be optionally equipped with an additional electromagnetic emitters suppression system. Assembled structures of diesel-rotary uninterruptible power systems are equipped with pendulum devises, which drive the generator rotor shaft to remove the static load from bearings.