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The mobile system for controlled ice melting

 The mobile systems for controlled ice melting

winter st enAccidents caused by ice and wind phenomena mean a serious problem to the power grids of all voltage classes.
When AC current is applied for melting, it is necessary to provide the power required for desired penetration of glaze-ice and rime deposition, without exceeding the permissible limit of operating current for the type of the wire used. It is necessary to select the load impedance properly as the source voltage remains fixed. Actual organizing of such selection requires coupling of a few lines in series, applying an entire set of disconnecting switches in a various grid points, even if there is just one overhead line needs ice-melting. Providing a complex melting scheme requires considerable time period of 6-7 hours or more, while any case of icing requires the fast solution. The most efficient way of ice- melting for overhead line is applying of controlled thyristor rectifiers as a melting source.

PiterEnergoMash offers an advanced innovative solution,
the mobile modular system for controlled ice melting,
which provides efficient, cost-effective and functional solution to the problem of high-voltage lines icing.

The mobile system for controlled ice melting is a mobile melting unit based on thyristor rectifiers with its own source of power (a diesel-driven generator with capacity of 1400 kVA) and a private mobile packaged transformer electric substation, providing the required melting capacity. All equipment of the mobile modular system for controlled ice melting has a block-modular design based on standard 20-foot containers, mounted on cross-country vehicles.

There are two basic operational schemes for the mobile system for controlled ice melting: self-sufficient operating applying its own independent source of power, providing melting capacity of 1MWor 2MW or operating applying power directly from the mains (eg. from free cell of 6 or 10 kV), meanwhile the system's own packaged transformer electric substation provides melting power of 6 MW.

The equipment of the mobile systems for controlled ice melting produced by PiterEnergoMash can be used as a mobile modular power plant with voltage class of 6 and 10 kV. A power plant is used at sites with needed temporary electric power outage required for conducting maintenance works, applied at the constructing of facilities remote from the power grids and in other cases requiring mobile stand-alone source of electric power. To ensure long-life of stand-alone operating the system gets connected to the mobile module with fuel storage tank with capacity of 50 m3.

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The main advantages of applying the mobile systems for controlled ice melting are the following:
  • An option to regulate the current of melting, including regulation according to signals of ice sensors;
  • Smooth start and shutdown of the rectifier allowing to avoid overvoltage and facilitates work of switching equipment;
  • Advanced microprocessor-based system of control, management, protection and automation allows to coordinate start, shutdown and change of current according to signals of the icing control system;
  • Serial RS-485 and Ethernet interfaces provide communication with higher-level automatic process control systems;
  • Container- type design of the power unit with a forced closed cooling system makes it easy to mount a rectifier on the open section of a electric substation;
  • A set of measuring transformers in container reduces requirements for outdoor switchgear and outdoor metal-clad switchgear of substation
  • Options of convenient transportation by any type of transport and mobile relocation;
  • An option to use modules of mobile system for controlled ice melting MSUPG as a mobile diesel-generator power plant.