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The turn-key complex innovative electric power solutions

pc290319 enComplex electric power solutions of generating currently are the most cost-effective and efficient way to provide consumers with electric power and heat. Due to the vast experience PiterEnergoMash has in designing of power plants and power supply systems, our company can offer the best solutions complying with every customer's requirement. We have successfully implemented the dozens of designs introducing the fault-tolerant and cost-effective power electric generating systems based on equipment supplied by the leading international manufacturers. Applying the principle of block-modular infrastructure using equipment packaged in fully prefabricated modules guarantees reliable and efficient use of the customer's resources at all stages of the project implementation.

In accordance with conditions and requirements stated by the customer PiterEnergoMash designs comprehensive, cost-effective and operationally reliable systems with introduction of the modern advanced technologies of cogeneration and trigeneration. Applying of diesel-rotary uninterruptible power systems is provided if needed to ensure uninterrupted electric power supply to essential consumers. The control automation provided for diesel-rotary uninterruptible power systems allows to implement the most complex schemes of electric power supply (trough the first special category of power supply reliability according to 'Electrical Installation Code) and electric power sources compliant with standards TIA-942 of N trough 2 (N + 1).

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The undeniable advantages of cooperation with our company are supplying of the entire equipment complex necessary for the infrastructure of energy parks, being assembled at the company's production base, as well as applying of packaged modular systems.

Our company not only produces, assembles and supplies the most advanced energy equipment, but it also offers a wide range of complex design solutions and supports the customer at all stages of the design implementation, which ensures a high level of cost-efficiency and reliability of operated systems.