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Uninterruptible power supply

Static uninterruptible power supply, commonly abbreviated as UPS, consists mainly of various electric power storage systems and the systems providing electric power transforming into power supply voltage. The energy gets accumulated in an electrochemical form in special storage batteries, or in a kinetic form applying flywheels and then gets re-converted into the required type by special electronic converters. For contemporary supply the valve-regulated lead-acid batteries(VRLA), which doesn't require a separate chamber for mounting or special ventilation, are commonly applied. Battery capacity is chosen by ability to provide power load supply for 12-15 minutes after the supply voltage is lost.

DSC06188 enPiterEnergoMash supplies static UPS of various configurations corresponding to the valid standards of IEC 62040 and EN 62040-3. As a rule, static UPS is mounted in a pair with diesel generator sets at electric power facilities to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

The system of uninterruptible (backup) power supply, operating in a standard mode, provides power from the main uninterruptible power supply with high frequency disturbance suppression and stabilization of output voltage and frequency levels. In case of momentary voltage loss there is a provided switching to operating on batteries, and in a case of long-term loss diesel generator, designed for twenty-four hour operation gets started.

The advantages of mounting an uninterruptible power supply system:
  • Backup power supply provides many functional benefits in case of unstable electric power supply:
  • longer standalone downtime in the case of environment of a power outage consequently, greater reliability of trouble-free operating of the consumer systems;
  • high degree of protection of the equipment;
  • life of equipment is increased through providing of optimal conditions for its operating;
  • improved reliability of the system as a whole provided by reducing the number of devices at much higher failure safety of equipment;

Additional features:
  • availability of electronic and mechanical bypass switches (by-pass) allow to power loads with impulse current consumption;
  • dual power conversion and forming of perfect sine load voltage;
  • resistance to a single failure of any element;
  • quality monitoring, including remote monitoring (via LAN, on global Internet network, telephone and radio channels, via mobile communication), due to applying of advanced intelligent control equipment in these systems.