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Interactive electronic technical manuals

Interactive electronic technical manuals

The company designs electronic production flow-process charts for various industries.
Electronic flow-process charts represent an alternative to conventional flow-process charts, standardized documents, containing information and instructions for the personnel, which are in use at every enterprise, engaged in any technological process or in maintenance of facility. Efficient flow-process chart allows to improve the quality of work and reduce the time required for its execution by deterring the optimum sequence, duration of operations, quality control, as well as tools and devices applied.

Electronic flow-process charts are designed with applying of three-dimensional models of products, tools, a production site, equipment, machinery and other objects involved in a production process. Applying of electronic flow-process charts improves the production personnel readiness for work. Thanks to available instructive electronic flow-process charts the time, required to give a detailed explanation of all work stages and application methods of tools, as well as to provide instructing (especially in companies with very strict occupational safety regulations), is reduced.

Flow-process charts give the exact answers to the following questions:
  • What operations must be performed?
  • How should this operations be performed?
  • What sequence does performing of operation require?
  • What frequency does performing of operation, needed to be repeated, require?
  • How long does it take to perform each operation?
  • What result should each operation have?
  • What tools and materials should be used for performing of each the operation?
  • What are the exact occupational safety regulations for each operation?

Flow-process charts are designed both in a form of an illustrated catalogs with applying of 3D objects and in a form of an animation sequence based on 3D.