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Gas distribution networks

Gas distribution networks

gazo setiCertified exerts of PiterEnergoMash design and mount off-site and internal gas distribution networks providing fuel supply to generator plant and boiler plants. All work is carried out in according with All-Union State Standard R 54961-2012. Forwarding of the main fuel (natural gas), to a gas- turbine or a gas- reciprocating units is carried out via on-site high-pressure pipeline (with 28 atm). Modular gas distribution stations are installed to transmit the main gas.

The gas pressure gets regulated and stabilized in distribution stations, and then it gets supplied to the consuming equipment. Gas distribution networks are designed with minimum provided extent of pipelines. To improve the reliability, the pipeline routes are arranged applying dead-end and loop scheme with duplication of certain elements. Operating modes of gas distribution networks are accepted in accordance with conditions guaranteeing stable operating of gas-distributing plants, consumer units and burners at the maximum allowable gas pressure drops.

Providing a full range of design works for power supply complexes and supplying necessary equipment PiterEnergoMash considers designing of all utilities to be especially important. There are no trifles in any project for us. Our experts provide consulting and support to our customers at all stages a the project to guarantee real cost efficiency and a high- level reliability of operated systems.