Mobile modular transformer electric substations of 10/0,4 kV



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Mobile modular transformer electric substations of 10/0,4 kV

Mobile modular transformer electric substations of 110/20(10) kV

Mobile modular electric substation 2x1 MVA 10 / 0.4 kV is a single unified block-module, internally divided into three compartments. The first and the second compartments are sections occupied by power transformers with capacity of 1000 kVA each. The third compartment combines the function of facility for 10 kV and 0.4 kV switchgear with housing all auxiliary systems and control cabinets.

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Input of power cables is conducted through sections of crimping joints, located on a wall behind power cells which allows to operate mobile modular electric substation at any weather conditions. All control and measuring cables are conducted to a single cable box, equipped with a special pluggable multi-pole block contacts. Such solution allows to mount an electric substation and incorporate it into an existing grid in the shortest possible time. Each compartment of mobile modular electric substation is equipped with an independent system of internal microclimate support, controlled from special remote control cabinets. Such extra equipment as a filter-compensating device, an operative current cabinet, etc. can be optionally installed on a customer’s request.