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Packaged transformer electric substations

Packaged transformer electric substations

Packaged transformer electric substation (PTS) is a type outdoor transformer electric substations, equipped with one or two transformers , designed for receipting, metering and further distributing of three-phase electric power. PiterEnergoMash supplies packaged transformer electric substation of 10 / 0.4 kV, modular-type (PTSM) of various capacities.

PC290303 editThe block-modular solution has a number of significant advantages compared to competitive designs:
  • The modules are fully prefabricated and transport- dimensioned providing an option fast delivery to the operating site and transferring from transport position into operating;
  • Minimum time of commissioning required for electric substation;
  • An option of connecting via cable gland or overhead entry;
  • High quality factory- made mounting and commissioning;
  • Mobile electric substations

The equipment is located in separate block-modules with maintenance corridors, provided with separate entrances. The internal volume of the block-modules is divided into sections of switchgear and power transformers. Each switchgear section of 10 kV and 0.4 kV is located in a separate module. Each block-module has a base section for entries of the cable lines and for placing and connecting bridle cables. Due to applying cold-rolled steel in production of packaged transformer electric substation body, the equipment operates reliably in various climatic environment. There is an option to install as many outgoing lines, as required by the customer, for supplying the consumer with electric power. Modular packaged transformer electric substations are protected against short circuits, atmospheric overvoltage, overload and overheating.

Block-modular packaged transformer electric substations don't cause any harm to the environment. They are convenient for operating in suburban settlements and area of owner-occupied detached houses. The well- elaborate design of modular packaged transformer electric substations provides their fast mounting and running at any necessary location. Mobility of modular packaged transformer electric substations provides convenience and time-savings when the site of operating needs to be changed.