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Fuel systems

The of equipment fuel systems plays a crucial part in operating of electric power stations, regardless of the type of engine (diesel or gas) applied to generate electric power. PiterEnergoMash designs systems for treating and supplying of fuel gas for the gas turbines of various capacity, based individual engineering projects, as well as systems for treating, filtering, supplying and draining of the diesel fuel for diesel power plants and diesel-rotary uninterruptible power systems.Gas treating system include gas booster stations and fuel treatment skids of corresponding modification and configuration.

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Decades of experience provided us with deep insight into needs concerning mounting and operating of electric power plants. The equipment of a power facility should provide well-timed receival of the fuel used, emergency drain, proper storage, treatment and uninterrupted supply of fuel to generating units and carrying out the necessary maintenance activities. The competent designing of emergency fuel supply system is a matter of great importance. Emergency fuel is intended to ensure operating of turbines in case of gas absence and also to ensure operating of emergency diesel generators.

PiterEnergoMash fuel systems can be supplied in a block-modular implementation in 20-foot containers equipped with a security and fire alarm system, an access monitoring and control system and a system of fuel technical record-keeping.