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Dual-fuel generation solutions

Dual-fuel generation solutions

sdtr 1 enThe current developing of the energy industry makes pay the great attention to the ways of reducing prime cost of electric power. One of the options is decentralizing of the electric power supply systems using alternative fuels (natural gas and associated petroleum gas). Such case justifies the use of dual-fuel generating plants, applied both for the main and backup power supply of facilities. Dual-fuel system design allows a conventional diesel engine to operate on a mixture of gas and diesel fuel. Such engines are generally used in power generating plants, as well as for pump drives and compressors.

PiterEnergoMash supplies equipment for dual-fuel generating plants and designs dual-fuel operating systems which can significantly reduce operating costs and reduce the amount of hazardous emissions produced by industrial diesel engines. We achieve it by replacing part of the diesel fuel with cheaper and environmentally friendly natural gas or associated gas. These systems are based on proprietary technologies ensuring safe operating of diesel engines on a fuel mixture containing from 50 to 80% of gas. The most important characteristics of the engine, such as the high efficiency, stability and load pick-up, remain the same as of operating in 100% diesel mode.

Advantages of dual-fuel generation plants:

Compared with diesel units:
  • Reduction of operating costs;
  • Reduction of the emission toxicity;
  • Short pay-off period due to using gas as a primary fuel;
  • No need in storing the large amount of diesel fuel;
  • Lowered maintenance costs.

Compared gas reciprocating unit:
  • Substantially lower cost;
  • Independence from the natural gas availability, an option of operating on diesel fuel, fuel redundancy (duplication);
  • Smaller dimensions and weight at the equal power;
  • Greater amount of load, picked-up in one step;
  • Higher efficiency.

sdtr 2 enThe main advantage of the dual-fuel system is a provided option of automatic and manual change of fuel modes which can be conducted without stopping the engine. Meanwhile the target engine speed and power output are held allowing the consumer to choose one or the other mode of the engine operating, depending on fuel prices, its availability and other operating conditions. An equally important advantage of this system is the ability to hold the target level of output power when the consumer chooses 'the continuous' or 'the basic' mode.Upon reaching the level, limiting for the dual-fuel mode, the engine automatically switches to a 100% diesel mode, without any output power loss.