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Fuel preparation station


PiterEnergoMash produces and supplies bloc-modular fuel gas treatment units designed for gas treating from condensed moisture, mechanical impurities and treating from gas condensate and its reducing as well as for maintaining the output pressure at a given level.


Basic parameters of fuel gas treatment unit modules correspond to All-Union State Standards 25957-83, 23345-78, 23274-78. Modules are operating as a part of infrastructure of power supply complexes and applied for conversion and separation of fuel gas, as well as its fiscal metering . Fuel gas treatment unit are packaged in a standard 20-foot containers produced in company's own production base in accordance with All-Union State Standard 20259-80. The module is equipped with heating and ventilation systems, power supply utilities. A climatic version of a fuel gas treatment unit is chosen according to the area of construction, in accordance with the requirements of All-Union State Standard 15150-69.