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Packaging of power equipment

Packaging of power equipment

The implementation of complex technical solutions dimensioned as the standard transport modules, packaging, allows to form virtually any infrastructure, avoiding the capital construction. It often becomes the only solution, possible for constructing facilities in remote areas. The company supplies both the independent modules or electric power or engineering systems, as well as entire variously- purposed complexes, from stand-alone camps to specialized mobile stations.

Today PiterEnergoMash has designed and put in production the unique packaging technology for generating and distributing equipment, which, along with a full production life cycle, starting from design to maintenance service, allows the company to implement any turn-key complex innovative electric power solutions and guarantee reliable operating of purchased equipment and systems to the customer.


Containers applied by PiterEnergoMash in the production of gas engine power plant modules are specially designed for the equipment provided and the process operating conditions. Container frames have a reinforced structure, the container bodies are provided with the necessary input portals, hydroprotective ventilation grids, service openings and hatches. The container bodies have thermal and sound insulation. Containers are painted with use of high quality polyurethane coatings produced by Tikkurila.

When you purchase the fully prefabricated equipment, packaged in standard containers, its transport package becomes a part of the future facility infrastructure, while the standard means are required for its transportation as well as the standard equipment is applied for its reloading at terminals

f9 enThe modern specialized container-type module it is not just a simple metal box, although it maintains the advantage of the standard transport dimensioning. Containers designed for a specific purpose have a reinforced structure, required thermal insulation and waterproofing. Packaged modules are equipped with built-in ventilation systems, heating systems, fire extinguishing and get integrated into an automated process control system. The design office of PiterEnergoMash has also designed special reinforced containers for packaging heavy power equipment, such as diesel-rotary uninterruptible power systems and combined heat and power gas generators integrated in the modular combined heat and power plants.