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Low voltage electrical switchboards

Low voltage electrical switchboards

Piterenergomash produces and supplies low voltage electrical switchboards for currents of 6300 A (maximum). A complete stock of all required components and materials always available at the company's warehouse as well company's own electrical engineering plant allows to find effective solutions to tasks concerning  production of any switchboard equipment, meeting all up-to-date regulations and standards. The production process of low voltage electrical switchboards at our plant involves applying of equipment of such leading national and world manufacturers as ABB, Schneider Electric, SIEMENS, LSIS, Hyndai, KEAZ, Provento, DKS, Rittal. 

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Low voltage electrical switchboards are designed for receiving and distributing electrical power of three-phase alternate current with  frequency of 50 (60) Hz and voltage of 0.4 kV or 0.69 kV in grids with solidly earthed or isolated neutral, electrical controlling and protecting against short-circuits and overloads. These devises are applied as a part of power supply, control and automation systems, as distribution boards, power distribution stations, switchboards and control cabinets. Low voltage electrical switchboards can also be applied as switchgear of the low voltage of packaged transformer substations.

Piterenergomash experts provide their comprehensive assistance with a complete range of baseline details required for placing an order for low voltage electrical switchboards including:

  • Designing of layout arrangements;
  • Designing of electric circuits in accordance with customer's specifications;
  • An assistance with selecting a required template solution;
  • Consulting customers on technical and commercial issues;
  • Designer mounting supervision and commissioning at the facility.

All our products are supplied with the complete as-build packages, passports, Russian State Standard Certificates of Conformity, testing protocols.  The switchboards can be optionally produced by the individual schemes, provided by the customer.