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Mobile modular transformer electric substation of 35/10(6) kV

Mobile modular transformer electric substations of 35/10(6) kV

PiterEnergoMash produces mobile modular transformer electric substations of 35/10(6) kV with various capacity designed for receipting, converting and distributing of electric power of three-phase electric current with frequency of 50 Hz, for supplying electric power to industrial, mining, power-grid and other facilities Mobile modular transformer electric substations are indispensable when fast mounting, relocation or dismantling of high-voltage power-supply sources are required.

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One of the areas mobile modular transformer electric substations 35/10 kV can be applied in is the case of existing electric substations 35/6 kV requiring a complete reconstruction. In this case, the mobile modular transformer electric substation is used as a temporary structure providing the unloading of the facility undergoing reconstruction. There is also an option to pick-up a new load in the case of inconsistencies between the reconstruction terms and the time the power required to be delivered in order to power the new facilities.

The electric substations are designed for operating in such modes as: the standalone mode, the mode of two or more transformer electric substations operating, parallel operating with a stationary electric substation, in order to provide consumers with an emergency, temporary or main power supply of various reliability categories, with a total capacity of up to 140 MVA.

Template solution of mobile modular electric substation 35/10(6) kV includes three modules, mounted as a single construction at the facility. A configuration and a composition of equipment of electric substation can vary depending on the exact purposes and objectives of every customer. Design of the modules is based on standard 40- shipping container. Container bodies are mechanically reinforced with additional steel structures, allowing a construction to achieve required solidity and durability. Mobile modular electric substation 35/10(6) kV incorporates such basic equipment as portals (35 kV), switchgear chambers (35 kV), power transformers (6300 kVA), switchgear input (10 kV), and compensation-filter devices attached to switchgear - 10 kV. Provided operative current cabinet ensures uninterruptible power supply. Electric substation equipped with a relay protection and automation protection and also an auxiliary power cabinet for power supplying of a mobile modular electric substation.

According to operating conditions (concerning effect of external climatic factors) electric substation corresponds to All-Union State Standard 15150–69:

Installation altitude above sea-level

1000 m (max)

Climatic modification and placement category of electric substations

Moderately Cold Climate 1 (UKHL1)

Ambient air temperature

from – 60 ºС to + 40 ºС

Relative humidity

80% at temperature of 20 ºС



Concentration of corrosive agents

corresponds to atmosphere II