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Diesel power plants

Diesel power plants

PiterEnergoMash produces and supplies diesel power plants with a total capacity of 5 kW to 5000 kW, in block-modular implementation. We provide services of design and construction of autonomous electric power systems with diesel-driven generators, offering the complete packages based on turn-key principle, as well as solve the separate tasks concerning choosing the required power generating equipment, supplying and servicing of diesel power plants. All items of equipment for the stations are provided with quick disconnect joints, which makes it easy and timesaving to mount and disassemble the components of the system in case of repairing or replacement.


All diesel power plants packaged by PiterEnergoMash are equipped with the necessary automation systems, integrated security and fire alarm systems, and, if required, access monitoring and control systems. We will also provide equipping of diesel-driven generators with full range of associated equipment and supply the power plant in required implementation: in the block-container produced by our company, in prefabricated soundproof enclosure, open-type implementation (on a frame) or in mobile implementation on chassis. The modules can be optimally produced in 'Moderately Cold Climate (UKHL1)' climatic modification, allowing the modules to be operated in harsh climatic conditions at temperatures ranging from - 45 ° C to + 40 ° C.

The company applies models of diesel-driven generators allowing the adaptation to harsh climatic conditions. The models are adapted to applying of fuel and lubrication materials produced in Russia.
Synchronous generators, capable of carrying 3-fold overload and generating the high quality electric power are applied in almost all models of diesel-driven generators. Diesel-driven generators are equipped with controllers, coupled with the control systems both of the diesel engine and the synchronous generator allowing to turn off the diesel power plant automatically if case of overrun , overheat, oil pressure suppression, and other emergencies. All our clients get consulted by our experts on all matters interesting to them concerning the choice and supplying of diesel power plant, its mounting and operating, technical servicing, maintenance and operational support for the equipment purchased.

F G WilsonOur strengths:
  • Company's own assembly plant with a total area of over 13 000 sq. m.
  • Professional engineering and technical personnel.
  • Longstanding direct contacts with the world's leading manufacturers of components allowing integrate operationally all up-to-date technological achievements and concepts into our designs.
  • Strict control of compliance to quality requirements and testing provides reliable operating of the equipment in various conditions, including, and in regions with extreme climatic environment.