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Mounting and commissioning

Mounting and commissioning

Mounting and commissioning represent the most important stage of implementation for any system. Experienced experts of PiterEnergoMash provide a full range mounting for the equipment and engineering systems supplied according to requirements of the designed technical specifications. The work is carried out according to an approved plan and detailed design documentation.  The constant quality control ensures the high level and efficiency of work performance. There is provided service of implementation of automation and management systems, with an option of their further modernization. It reliably provides the long-term operating with maintenance servicing.

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While the program of commissioning of equipment, mounted at the facility, is being carried out, the equipment is getting adjusted, its inconsistencies to design and shortcomings are getting revealed prior to its operating, as well as the systems readiness is undergoing checking.

The experts of PiterEnergoMash also provide the performance-and-commissioning testing, which is a
program of measures aimed at adjusting the equipment to design conditions, as well as at ensuring efficient operating of the equipment.

Upon completing mounting and commissioning, the preliminary tests aimed at checking the functionality of the system and its compliance with the technical requirements are carried out, followed by a stage of trial operation. According to results of the system acceptance tests, the detailed analysis of results of a trial operation and tests are carried out (if necessary followed by eliminating of the identified deficiencies).

The advantages of working with PiterEnergoMash are:
  • highly qualified and experienced engineering and technical personnel trained (including by companies producing equipment), and certified in accordance with existing rules and regulations;
  • company's own fleet of special-purpose vehicles;
  • company's own electrical laboratory;
  • established contacts with production enterprises, the company is accredited by manufacturers for the right of assembling the equipment produced by them;
  • long-term cooperation with the companies providing the necessary works in general constructing, mounting and commissioning in various regions of Russia;
  • long-term experience in electrical mounting and commissioning of electric substations and energy power supply complexes in various climatic zones.