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Our mission

f9The basis of the company's philosophy is to package power engineering equipment into container-type modules of the standard transport dimension. The company believes that power technologies must be reliable, efficient and highly customer-friendly.
Packaging of the most complex power engineering equipment into containers allows to completely eliminate almost all complications in mounting due to full prefabrication of the equipment being supplied. Excluding such stages as the capital constructing and complex process of mounting from construction process of power engineering facilities allows to minimize the cost of constructing and mounting, as well as the unification of power supply complex modules sufficiently reduces problems with operating and maintenance of power engineering equipment.

The company's philosophy implies simplicity in every complex power engineering solution. All complex power engineering facilities should be assembled from the equipment packaged into containers in a manner of a construction kit. All modules are standardized, certified and have template designs and solutions. A template design requires only the terrain reference of the ordered modules and allows customers to re-use the template designs. Template designs are reliable (due to repeated testing, long-term experience in operating and maintenance), economically viable (due to no expenses required for the full design range) and they don't not require significant time for implementation. The company has created the base of the template designs and we constantly improve it.

The company's mission is to make power affordable. Timeline for implementation of power designs and the cost of providing a customer with electric power of required quality and reliability are minimized. The deployment of the most complex facility requires the period of two days minimum to two weeks maximum. Decades of experience the company's experts have in the area of power engineering allow fast implementation of custom electric power solutions starting from designing and producing of a new module to it delivering and mounting at a facility. The object of the company is to supply the final product not components.

The company's goal is to be a leader of the Russian market in the segment of packaged electric power solutions. Experts of the company have implemented hundreds of designs of mobile electric power technologies all over Russia, including in the most distant areas of the country, and abroad. We know the requirements the equipment must comply with. We can design and produce exactly what a customer needs.

The company's aim is to provide a customer with a fabricated set of required modules from our warehouse as quickly as possible. There are 100 units of template products most widely applied in the Russian Federation, as well as up to 6000 parts and spares (spare parts and accessories sets) for the products supplied by the company stored in the warehouses of the company. We always have fabricated modules for template products applied in our designs in stock.