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Access control systems


PiterEnergoMash designs and mounts access control systems. The systems are designed to control an access to a territory of the facility and its secure premises, as well as for operational monitoring of personnel location and time spent at the facility. Barriers can be optionally installed at the site entrance to monitor and control the motor transport entering and exiting the site territory. The barriers are controlled by radio control boards and redundant switches locater in the dispatch room.

An emergency mode of the manual open/close operating of the barriers by means of a locking key is provided. The traffic lights of the access control are installed at the entrance points used for fuel unloading and transport refueling. A push-button assembly for controlling the traffic lights is located in the dispatch room.

PiterEnergoMash access control systems provide:
  • permitting or denying access to the secure premises to personnel and unauthorized;
  • detecting intrusion into the secure premises;
  • arming and disarming procedure with an option of automatic arming and disarming of premessises on employee passing the access area;
  • providing a through exit in case of fire;
  • forming a notification on intruder being detected to a control panel.

The basic structure of access control systems includes the following:
  • Access controllers;
  • Access cards;
  • Readers;
  • Сontrol and indicating equipment;
  • Redundant power supply;
  • A computer of an operator with installed automated workstation