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Modular buildings

PiterEnergoMash produces, supplies and provides full- range service of mounting of block-modular buildings for various purpose and of various configurations. Construction modularity allow to form facility of any configuration, depending on the customer's requrements, number of personnel, meteorological condition and final objectives.

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Each module may incorporate one or more block-modules, based on containers of various size (16-, 20-, 24-, 30-, 40-foot).

Block- modules are delivered fully prefabricated and require minimum mounting and commissioning work at the facilities. A foundation on screw-piles or a concrete slab are generally used as the base.

The most important advantages of the frame- modular house constructing are extremely short construction time and cost-effective price. The main distinction of modular buildings from other types of houses is the technology applied for their production. High percentage of prefabrication (75% and above) allows to mount a building on unprepared terrain in a period ranging from 2 to 7 days.

Rabochiy 3 mesta 03Block-modular industrial buildings
Currently the constructing of block-modular industrial buildings is acknowledged to be the most cost-effective way, due to constructing of such buildings requiring less labor and time than the constructing of capital - block, panel or brick structures. Besides, the block-modular buildings do not require the strong foundations. They can even be installed without any foundation at all, on the prepared flat level surface, eg asphalt or concrete site. Modern prefabricated metal buildings are mounted applying high-strength bolting or welding. The works can be carried out year-round.

Zhiloy 2 mesta 01Block-modular amenity buildings
Versatility and simplicity of block-modular designs allow to use them as rooms for various amenity purposes. Administration and amenity buildings, designed and constructed by our company, include modules of offices, check points, recreation rooms, ambulance rooms, staff living accommodations and other variously-purposed modules. We provide our facilities with heating, lighting, air conditioning systems and security and fire alarm.

Sklad GSM 02The advantages of modular buildings:
  • Cost -efficiency - producing of mobile structure is cheaper than constructing or leasing of a capital one;
  • Ease of transportation;
  • A short period of construction;
  • Versatility;
  • Compactness, allowing to construct frame buildings in built-up area;
  • An option of multiple assembling and disassembling;
  • Planning freedom;
  • Fully ready for use, with provided option of being connected to utilities;
  • Affordability.