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Production capacities

Production capacities

The area, production and technical infrastructure of the company is located over, equals 15000 square meters. It incorporates an engineering and office block, warehouses and an open storage ground

An annual designed capacity of the company comes up to:
  • 3500 containers/block-modules (of administrative, ablution, special, power, engineering support accommodation, medical purposes, etc.)
  • 800 block-modules complete with power engineering equipment (diesel-driven generators, diesel-rotary uninterruptible power systems, combined heat and power gas generators, indoor switchgear, packaged transformer electric substations etc.)

The production base is purposed for: production of packaged power engineering systems of electric power generating, distributing and converting for metallurgical, power engineering, nuclear, gas, oil industries, machine engineering and shipbuilding; production of power engineering equipment range; production of ancillary equipment range (warehouses, fuel tanks, make-up containers, modular constructions, etc.).

Production is organized on the principle of a closed cycle applying functional conveyor and is intended for individual and small-batch production.


The company's industrial structure

Container production
Provides designing and producing of block-containers structured as shipping containers, supplying with electrical equipment.

The stucture:
  • A sheet metal production area;
  • A fitting area;
  • A powder and airless coating area;
  • An engineering area;
  • An assembling workshop.

An electrical production unit
Provides producing of electrical equipment and electric power managing, distributing and converting systems for metallurgical, power engineering, nuclear, gas, oil industries, machine engineering and shipbuilding.

The stucture:
  • A staging area;
  • A switchgear assembling area;
  • A gas-insulated switchgear assembling area;
  • An area of assembling of cabinets of automatic control systems and frequency converters;
  • An area of assembling packaged transformer electric substations;
  • An area of assembling metal-clad packaged transformer electric substations and mobile modular electric substations;
  • An area of equipment packaging;
  • A harness manufacturing area;
  • A low-voltage machines producing area;
  • A packing area;
  • An electrical engineering control department;
  • A design control department;
  • An engineering department;
  • A testing department;
  • A department of technical control of electrical products;
  • Equipment warehouses.

Welding engineering
Provides producing of welded container-type metal structures of various purpose.

The stucture:
  • A welding assembling site includes a frame, apipe, welding and assembling areas and an area of spatial assembling.
  • A blanking and machining site includes a gas and plasma cutting area, a hot and cold forging area and an engineering area.
  • A modular fabrication site includes a modularization area, a testing area, a paint and coating area, an area of assembling, mounting and adjustment electrical equipment.