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zruThe company designs, produces and supplies modular- type indoor switchgear 35/10 (6) kV based on standard company's own-produced containers . Indoor switchgear is designed for receipting and distributing of electric power of three-phase electric current with frequency of 50 Hz for voltage of 6-10 kV.

The electrical engineering systems and high-voltage equipment applied in our indoor switchgear designs are compact and operationally safe, fully comply with the requirements of rules and regulations valid in Russia, and have an excellent record of operating in various climatic environment. The indoor switchgear gets integrated into lower and upper level automatic process control systems via various communication channels (fiber-optic cable, RS-485 cable, GSM-channel, etc.).

The containers are designed with regards to equipment requiring packaging. They protect the equipment from environmental factors. The containers are designed for operating in ambient air temperature ranging from - 60 ° C to +40 °.>Our experts have designed a special 45-foot high-cube container with the length 13716 mm. The container incorporates 16 switchgear 10 kV chambers, as well as auxiliary power cabinets, cabinets of control power and supervisory control.

The indoor switchgear is equipped with auxiliary system, which includes the following:
  • The automatic heating system;
  • The automatic ventilation system (optional);
  • The system of internal, external and emergency lighting;
  • The security alarm (fire) system;
  • The auxiliary power supplying is provided by the auxiliary board.